Why Mason Amelia?


Mason Amelia understands startups. Entrenched in the Austin tech scene as entrepreneurs ourselves, our partners’ portfolios expand to over 50 companies, ranging from local seed-stage startups to Silicon Valley unicorns and SaaS tech companies to service-based consulting firms. We are part of that ecosystem, helping our partners grow their businesses. Whether adding strategic players or bolstering workforce, getting talent quicker drives revenue growth and amplifies valuations. How would a mere x% MoM delta affect your B round?


While we often align with startups, it’s really our ability to establish, groom, and optimize a culture that is our competitive advantage and fuels into our recruiting, thus well-positioning us to help the established enterprise too. Our larger clients can face large pools of applicants, and don't always have the ability for large-scale outreach. We can partner to provide balance to your hiring pool. We believe your culture and people should be deliberate, not consequential. Partnering with Mason Amelia will get you access to the best candidates, which aren't  always the one's applying to the job ad.

Why MA?