Congratulations on just getting funded -or- deciding on your next product launch! Now, it's time to get to work. Whether you have just closed your Seed stage and are in need of finding a good product/market fit or you have just closed your Series B and need to accelerate your growth, there is no time to coast.

At Mason Amelia, our aim is to positively influence the success of your business. We do this by focusing on two major inputs that directly contribute to your ability to fundraise and thus, ultimately, achieve success – a strong team and accelerating growth. Not only is hiring the right person important, but doing so quickly can mean the difference between being forced into an aqui-hire and raising an oversubscribed round at a premium valuation.

INPUT 1: Hiring the Right Person

  • Finding them

    • The right person is not on Indeed, Simply Hired or that really cool new AI driven job board. The right person is fully engaged at the startup down the street in an adjacent industry or overseeing a 100 sales people as a Director at the incumbent you would love to be acquired by someday.

  • Engaging them

    • We know how to talk the talk and walk the walk….

  • Acquiring them

    • What does it take for an executive to take the plunge into the uncertain world of a startup? What does it take to recruit the rockstar developer from the neighboring startup? We help…

INPUT 2: Hiring Quickly

  • This is all we do. We have a pulse on the market, a proven process and the cadence to deliver. We understand time is of the essence and every month a role goes unfilled is that much slower of growth which equates to a lower valuation and increased risk of losing out to the competition. Think about it this way, do you want your management team wasting time on scheduling interviews and perusing through resumes or do you want them driving your business metrics?

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