Human Resources


Mason Amelia was founded on the simple principals of trust, transparency, and competence based staffing. A successful entrepreneur, Ben Johns, has a prominent history of growing a consultancy to acquisition – “much can be owed, but learned from that process.” Whether partnering with a startup or Fortune 500 company, the constant is a client-centric approach and results. Mason Amelia expounds this further by immersing in its client’s culture, using proprietary vetting processes, and backing results with a guarantee– that’s Staffing Simplified.


In humility, the name Mason Amelia was actually chosen from lack of creativity and Mr. Johns’ children as inspiration. However, the name aligns with the values of trust and transparency, and our results show competency. It also adds a personal commitment to our customer service and your organization’s success. Mason Amelia is quickly growing the reputation of a staffing partner with integrity and results.