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Meet Cole Turner


Cole Turner

Sales & Acquisitions | Flight Ops

(608) 628-5593

"Let's Go, Baby!"

Cole is located in Austin, TX though he's a Badger at heart. He has worn many hats in his career – from corporate flying in Cirrus, TBM, and Cessna Citations to racking up 1,500 hours as a Certified Flight Instructor... all while diving headfirst into the world of sales and entrepreneurship. Before closing deals and wearing the Ray-Bans, he spent nearly 10 years working as Paramedic and Special Operations Rescue in Austin... no stranger to hard work and selfless service. 


However, it is his passion for flying, energetic personality, and initiative to get things done (and done right), that make him the perfect guy to have on either the Buy or Sell side of the transaction that you're on!


Cole spends his free time as a devoted husband and father, avid skier, hiker, and hockey player.

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