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Mason Amelia is affectionately named after Jesse Adams’ children, Mason Maverick and Amelia Avery - clearly aviation inspired! Naming a company after your kids really puts it all out and aligns with the values of trust and transparency. It also symbolizes a personal commitment to our client's satisfaction. While Jesse’s professional aviation experience dates back a few decades, Mason Amelia was initially created as a recruiting spin-off from the Adams brothers’ success, Sagacious Consultants, which was acquired in 2015 by Accenture. Then, something remarkable happened when Jesse began recruiting for an aviation sales position...


For the past five years Jesse has returned exclusively to professional aviation, offering pilot and aircraft management services. His tenure at the world's largest brokerage, Aerista, afforded him a wealth of experience and professional growth, where he led 200+ transactions around the globe, across the piston & owner-flown turbine markets.

Effective immediately, Jesse Adams is President of his new aircraft brokerage, Mason Amelia, LLC where you will find service that matches his reputation with even greater focus and attention to each transaction.



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