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Meet Donny Gabriel


Donny Gabriel

Sales & Acquisitions | Flight Ops

(678) 570-8155

Seasoned Aviator, Wide Breadth, Passionate

• 7,000 Total Flight Hours (King Air, C421, PA46, Cirrus)



• Birmingham, Alabama

Rich History in Aviation

Donny Gabriel started as a future aviator before he could count to three. The ominous thump of UH-1H Huey Rotor blades became the norm for a small boy living in Fort Benning, Georgia. One of his earliest memories was of watching his father landing a medevac Huey, affectionately known as Dustoff, on the helipad of a local hospital. 

The expressions of excitement and surprise, while pointing a miniature index figure at the man in the cockpit removing his helmet, whom he recognized as his Father, promptly elevated his Dad to the status of Superhero and set the future fulfillment of a lasting legacy into motion. It ignited a spark that only some aviators can relate to. In the early 2000s, Donny began flight training at Falcon Aviation Academy in Peachtree City, Georgia, and quickly obtained his CFI/CFII/MEI - a legacy fulfilled.


Donny embarked on his maiden Part 91 corporate journey aboard a King Air E90, tasked with retrieving the treasured hat of a globally renowned individual who inadvertently left it behind at another FBO. “That must have been quite the hat,” Donny thought. “Maybe one of those fancy Stetsons?” Not at all. On the contrary, it was one of Walmart’s finest $19 specials. Spending thousands of dollars to retrieve a $19 hat – rich irony at its finest, if you'll excuse the pun. But, sometimes, the little things matter! Nonetheless, it marked a distinctive and unforgettable adventure for Donny. He continued down the King Air path, beginning his corporate aviation journey.

After investing time in the technology sector, raising a family, and experiencing life's lessons firsthand, both the simple and the challenging, Donny was given the chance to broker his first aircraft deal. Years later, in early 2024, Donny teamed up with Mason Amelia Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions and hasn't glanced in the rearview since. Here’s to big things!

Donny works daily to put God first and be a better person than he was the day before. His wife and three kids are everything to him; he loves music, continues to fly professionally, and hopes to be part of an inside joke someday…..

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