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N45PH 2013 Cubcrafters Carbon Cub SS

Columbia, SC, USA

For Sale



Donny Gabriel with Mason Amelia is proud to present this gorgeous Carbon Cub, N45PH! The best value SS on the market!!

It may not be an F-16, but it will just about climb like one and has better fuel efficiency! Always stored in a hangar, this remarkable bush plane remains well-maintained and regularly flown. N45PH, an E-LSA, is a unique bird, to say the least. 

Visually stunning both inside and out, it still looks brand new. Loaded with every available option and several over-the-top upgrades, this Carbon Cub is a STOL beast. 

N45PH gets extra cool points for being equipped with sterling silver throttle plates, aluminum knobs and levers, and a custom smoke system! It's a complete package, lacking nothing and exceeding most expectations. 

A true stick and rudder champion, it wasn't designed and customized to be a cross-country machine; rather, its design was tailored to invigorate the senses and spark a rush of adrenaline. Come find out for yourself…


Total Time 650

Useful Load 331 lb

Airframe Notes

Complete Logs 

Basic Empty Weight: 989lbs. 

Long Range Fuel: 44gal (40gal usable) 

Extended Baggage Compartment/Door


Engine Time 650

Engine Time Since SNEW

Engine TBO 2000

Engine Notes

Continental Titan CC340, 180HP ENGINE 

MODS: Tanis Engine Preheater Dual Electronic Ignition with Battery Backup and Ignition Status

Lightweight Starter 

Carb Heat 

Odyssey Battery 

Cockpit Controlled Oil Cooler Baffle


Prop Time 650

Prop Time Since SNEW

Prop Notes

Catto Glass/2X Carbon Composite Prop



Dynon FlightDEK-D180 EFIS 

Garmin GPS696 PFD/MFD with XM Weather and Radio 

Garmin SL40 Comm Transceiver

Garmin GTX 327 Transponder (Integrated with UAvionix) 

TruTrack Dual Axis Autopilot 

PS Engineering PM3000 Stereo Intercom 

Kanna ELT and Antenna 

Dual Panel Mount USB Ports 

UAvionix ADS-B Out 

Hardwired Stratus 3 


Additional Equipment

Alaskan Bushwheel 31s (Heavy Tread) 3X3 

Extended and Covered Landing Gear 

Acme Aero Black Ops Shocks 

T3 Tailwheel Shock 

Baby Bushwheel 3200B-T Tailwheel 

Cleveland Wheel Kit (double-puck calipers, wheels, and rotors) 

Landing Gear Safety Cables 

LED Lighting with Left and Right Wing Strobes (Wig-Wag Lights) 

Rudder and Elevator Gap Seals 

Custom Smoke System with Control Stick Switch 

Sterling Silver Throttle Plates 

Aluminum Throttle Knob/Lever

Rosen Visors - Front and Rear 

Oregon Aero Front and Rear Seats 

Front and Rear Seat Inertia Reels 

Rear Control Stick Cover 

Rear Seat PTT (Push-To-Talk) 

Halon Extinguisher 

Front and Rear Headset Hooks 

Rear Seat 12v Outlet 

Tanis Engine Preheater 

Dual Electronic Ignition with Battery Backup and Ignition Status 

Lightweight Starter 

Carb Heat 

Odyssey Battery 

Cockpit Controlled Oil Cooler Baffle 

MyGoFlight Flex Yoke for iPad (best mount ever)


Exterior Notes

Signature Paint Scheme, Silver Base with Yellow and Black Accents. Excellent Condition


Interior Notes

Oregon Aero Fabric Seats, Black (adjustable front, stow-away rear). Carbon Fiber Paneling, Seat Base, and Flooring. Excellent Condition

At a Glance









Contact Agent

Donny Gabriel


Aircraft Location

Columbia, SC, USA

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