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N822BK 1980 Cessna 421C

Columbia, SC, USA

For Sale

$ Call For Price


Donny Gabriel with Mason Amelia proudly presents one of the country's most unrivaled trailing link 421C, N822BK. This is a guaranteed best-of-breed Twin Cessna that transcends all others. Yes, that’s a bold statement indeed, but allow me to elaborate: 

This airplane has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment, meticulously examining every detail for improvement opportunities. This isn’t your everyday Twin Cessna. It’s for the consummate and discerning 421C enthusiast. 8BK hasn’t just been thoughtfully upgraded; it was modernized and refined to the limit, with no feature going untouched. 

This is a truly “Garminized” panel. Every Garmin product, including remote-mounted devices, is present. It has more touchscreens than an Apple Store and is more capable than an airliner! Unique additions like a built-in CO detector, custom rocker switches, and Garmin Smart Glide add to the distinction.

For those planning to enjoy the cabin, let the brand-new, contemporary, and highly polished interior provide you with a chilled-out ambiance and vibe that makes you want to fly everywhere and never drive again. Nothing on the inside of this 421C has gone overlooked. All hard surfaces and soft furnishings have been replaced with new ones. The cost was not a consideration, only comfort and appearance. This Cessna looks like a new corporate jet inside and out. 

The exterior appearance is something of envy and will have people thinking it’s a 2024 model! The combination of Jet Glo and Acry Glo paints, topped off and protected by ceramic coating, make this 421C look like glass. For those who appreciate increased visibility, the all-LED exterior lights guarantee that you’ll be seen by astronauts on the International Space Station. 

When it comes to 421Cs, maintenance is paramount. While aesthetics matter to some, the mechanical side should matter to all. How reliable are the things we cannot see from the outside? You want to buy from owners who take a pragmatic approach and understand the importance of not cutting corners. Performance is meaningless without reliability, and reliability is ensured in two ways: An expert Twin Cessna owner/pilot with an open checkbook and an expert Twin Cessna Maintenance Facility with intimate and tribal knowledge of these machines. N822BK benefits from both and has seen the likes of many well-known service centers, most recently TAS. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity for a killer prebuy – this 421C goes to TAS in July for its annual!


Basic Empty Weight: 5283 lbs. 

Max Gross: 7579 lbs. 

Useful Load: 2296 lbs. 

Total Fuel Capacity: 271 gal. 

Airframe Total: 5562 HRS. 



Horsepower: 375hp 

Right SMOH: 917 hrs. 

Left SMOH: 540 hrs.

Lightweight Sky-Tec Starters

Tanis Engine Preheat System 

New Starter Adapters (AD Item) 

Newly Overhauled Exhaust (AD Item) 

Engine Fire Detection and Extinguishing System



Right Prop SMOH: 517 hrs. 

Left Prop SMOH: 498 hrs. 

Propeller Synchrophasor 


Garmin G600TXI #1 (Pilot Side)

Garmin G600TXI #2 (Engine and Fuel Management) 

Garmin G600TXI #3 (Co-Pilot Side)

Garmin GTN 750Xi 1 

Garmin GTN 750Xi 2 

Garmin GTX 345R Remote Transponder

Garmin GTX 335R Remote Transponder

Garmin GMA 35C Remote Audio Panel

Garmin GI 275 Standby ADAHRS

Garmin GTS 800 Active Traffic System

Garmin GWX 75 Radar System with 12-inch Dish

Garmin Smart Glide

Garmin FlightStream 510 

Garmin GDL69A SXM Datalink WX and Radio 

Garmin ChartView 

Garmin Synthetic Vision

Garmin Safe Taxi

Garmin TAWS-B (Terrain Awareness and Avoidance)

Garmin GFC 600 4-Servo Autopilot (Dual Controllers, Yaw Damper, Flight Director, and Blue Level Button)

Garmin GEA 110 Engine Interface for PFDs

Garmin GSB 15 Type-C/Type-A USB Ports 6 total (Two on Pilot Side, Two on Co-Pilot Side, Two in cabin)

Dual AHRS and ADCs

ARTEX 345 406 MhZ ELT


FIKI – Flight into known icing 

Factory Air Conditioning 

Vortex Generator Kit 

Painted Aft Strakes 

Premier Aviation Wheel Hub Covers

Integrated CO Detection System 

CiES Fuel Sending Units w/Fuel Calibration 

Left Nacelle Fuel Tank (28gal.) 

Dual Wing Locker Tanks (18.5gal. ea.)

New O2 Masks 

Rosen Visors

Tinted Windows

All Panels have been Custom Built and Relabled (Rocker Switches for Instrument Panel, Circuit Breaker Panels, Engine Control Panel, Lights, Environemtals, etc)

Landing Gear Blowdown Bottle 

Monogram Citation-Style Flushable Potty Seat 

Concorde Battery

New Janitrol Combustion Heater (AD Item)

Aircraft Lighting Int. Custom Interior LED Lighting

Johnson LED Cowl Collision Avoidance Lights

AEROLED Sunbeacon II Belly Light


AEROLED Sunspot Taxi Light

AEROLED Sunspot 46 Landing Light with Pulse

AEROLED Pulsar NS Wintip Recog/Anti Collision 


9.5/10 condition. New Custom Paint. Jet Glo Matterhorn White, Acry Glo Flight Blue, Acry Glo Carter Gold,  and Acry Glo Tibetan Gold. 

AEROLED Sunbeacon II Belly Light


AEROLED Sunspot Taxi Light

AEROLED Sunspot 46 Landing Light with Pulse Feature

AEROLED Pulsar NS Wintip Recog/Anti Collision Lights

Unused Antenna Delete


9.5/10 Condition. New Custom Interior, nothing left untouched:

Skandia Super Sound Proofing

New Inner Cabin Window Dust Lenses

New Seats (including foam)

New Aircraft Carpeting

New Side Panels

New Cabin Walls

New Entry Stairs

New Headliner

New Window Frames covered with Ultra leather

New Cabin Vent Louvers and Bezels

New Plastic on Cabin/Cockpit Windows/Upper and Lower Cabin Door

New Seat Recline Locks

New Seat Cables

New Door Strut Extender

New Door Gear Inspection Windows.  

New Leather Wrapped Glareshield

Tinted Windows

Monoram Flushable Potty Seat

Burl Wood (Non-Faux) Refreshment Center/Cabin Divider/Executive Tables/Potty Seat Base

Re-webbed All Seat Belts

Nose Compartment Carpeting

*Specifications subject to verification by the purchaser

At a Glance









Contact Agent

Donny Gabriel


Aircraft Location

Columbia, SC, USA

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